Monday, January 16, 2006

Job Hunting

Right now I am looking for a job.

And I just turned down the highest paying job offer of my life.

The reason? Well, because they said, 'fast-paced' too much. Yes, I believe that if a firm says the job is 'fast-paced' several times in an interview, then you might be talking about a potentially messy environment. Add in no real idea of what a framework is, no use of any tools like developer task tracking, unit testing, or automatic documentation tools, and you end up with what sounds likea terrifying and very stressful job. The guys there were smart and intelligent, but I would rather at this point work in a good, clean house then in one were I would have to potentially fight (when I got the time between fires) to make any sort of changes.

Sure, the job offer paid 16% more than what I make now, and offers infinitely better benefits. But the misery and load would have chewed me up and spit me out.

And it was the first offer I got and from the first interview. Other offers will shortly be on their way. I got lucky and smart and got a job here at NASA to be a silver backed CF Code Monkey, which means 'Technical Lead'. Somehow I even convinced higher-ups to give me a pair of commendations.

So I'm not too worried about job prospects. Heck, if negotiations go the way I want here, I will stay at NASA. The chance to do Python and Semantic Web is very, very alluring.

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