Friday, January 27, 2006

Honor Roll Blues

Well, the kid was bragging last night that he is getting on the honor roll. He does admit he might get a 'C' in drama, which of course would prevent him from getting on the honor roll. So we are plain excited that after the scourge of lackluster grades last year, he is doing so well now.

So why my blues? Heh heh.

Well, he gets a hefty prize for getting good grades. In this case, pricey and fun electronics. Because the thought is that if a bribe inspires my boy to turn around his grades, then I'm all for bribes.

We had been tossing back the idea of an xBox or xBox 360. But recently he wanted a Playstation Portable (PSP). Advice from PSP owners made me convince him otherwise. So now we are looking at the xBox thing or perhaps an iPod. If we get any of these, any and all advice would be handy. And if anyone wants to sell us one of these items for the kid to have, let me know.

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